Welcome to Stew's Page

fish1 Welcome to my home page.

I'm building this site for Apache Junction users in particular, and everyone else in general. Here, I'll try to keep you up to date on Apache Junction events, Arizona events, and the latest in news and technical reports.

The left column has links to different areas in which one might find interesting.
For example the News Stuff has links to various sources of news articles.
I like to visit the Drudge Report daily. Drudge also has lists of other news feeds and writers, so you can find the original press release, or published op-ed articles.

Search Tips

fish1You hear the term "Google it" much too often these days. One would think that Google is the only search engine on the Web. Yahoo, AOL, and others have very similar search sites.
But the best Search Sites, in my opinion, are Dogpile and DuckDuckGo. Google and others track your web use too much for my preference, and routinely share this information with Federal and State agencies .